In 2022 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and lower back, along with compressed vertebrae. Physical therapy helped to relieve some of the pain. but it did not fix the problem. I was referred to Dr. Cohen and am so glad I gave him a chance. Dr. Cohen is very knowledgeable. He began decompression and stim treatments on me. My back used to ache for a couple of days after simply cleaning my house. I have not had this issue in over 3 months now! My neck pain is partially due to the position I’m in at work. On long, busy days I notice the pain reoccurs but decompression helps to alleviate that. Dr. Cohen and his staff are amazing! They’re kind, courteous, friendly, helpful and they’ve truly become like family to me. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and his staff as I strongly believe the underlying issues are being treated, not just my symptoms.

Amy L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohen’s at Cohen Chiropractic Clinic for the past 13 years. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Evan and his staff have always treated me professionally, but with great compassion. I am a 60 year plus old and have struggled with a herniated disc, lower back sports injury, and neck issues for most of my adult life. The treatments; adjustments, decompression and TENS have kept me mobile with full functionality for years. Like most of us, once young and invincible, I made choices that have made me being an older adult more challenging. Which is why I am so grateful to Evan (and Becky) for getting me through some very difficult issues. Over the years I have seen patients come in in agony and before long they are functioning again. The other aspect of Evans’s practice that I love is that it is set up to provide as much convenience for the patient as possible. The early morning hours, not needing an appointment, and the number and the quality of the equipment assures you that you will be seen quickly and that you will be required to spend the absolute minimum amount of time to get the treatment that you need. I have and would recommend Evan and his practice to anyone dealing with pain or limiting functionality. Evan would be the first to say that “there is no silver bullet”. Well maybe not, but his practice will help tremendously,

Mark E

My health care was achieved and maintained by becoming a patient of Dr. Cohen. I have been a member of team Cohen for well over 20 years. After my first consultation for major back lumbar complication that affected my daily life. His adjustments has maintained my mobility, mental clarity and overall well being. I have recommended , family, friends and co-workers that have benefitted from his care. A well aligned skeletal system equals a vibrant outlook on daily activity and life.

Antonio M.

2 Years ago I was suffering with so much back pain and sciatica, I was to the point that I could hardly walk. A friend told me about Cohen Chiropractic, and Dr. Cohen. After my first visit with x-rays, Dr. Cohen explained that I had 5 degenerated discs and arthritis in my lower back, and suggested decompression. Within a few visits, I was getting some relief. By the end of the first month, life was much better. Today, I can say that my back feels the best it has felt in years! Thank you Dr. Cohen and his staff for making you feel like family, and restoring the quality of life that we all hope for.

Ray D.

I have been a client of Dr. Cohen since 2020. I was hit by a truck while on a bicycle as a teenager, thus resulting in a spine that was twisted and curved the wrong way. I carried the damage for more than 30 years. After having seen other chiropractors in the past, for many years; with little in the way of results or relief. I was referred to Dr. Cohen by a colleague and have had amazing results ever since. I have a very active lifestyle thanks in large part to Dr. Cohen and his amazing staff. There is never a wait to be seen. You are truly treated like family by a doctor and staff that are concerned about you and your care,

Jennafer K.

I have believed in the benefits of chiropractic care since I was young. I have been a patient of Dr. Cohens for 24 years. while he is an amazing chiropractor, he is an even better human being. I highly recommend him and his staff for chiropractic evaluation and treatment.

Ernie S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohens since 2005. Due to congenital (curvature of the spine) I have had lower back pain all of my life. An orthopedic surgeon recommended fusion of some vertebrae but suggested physical therapy and chiropractic might provide some relief and surgery would always be an option. Other injuries over time (and aging) have exacerbated the lower back pain and caused issues in othjer parts of the body, but Dr. Cohen has managed the pain and kept me moving without unnecessary surgery the entire time.

David C.

Dr. Cohen and his family yes, I said his family-typical reviews talk about bosses and their staff. You will not walk into that type of environment when you visit Cohen chiropractic care. What you will walk into is FAMILY. I had been hearing about people going to a chiropractor and how much better they felt afterwards and I should try it. I am a little skeptical on trying new things but started this year with the “self care in not selfish” mindset as I always look out for everyone else and overlook myself. I was ready for someone to lookout for me and that was what I found. I walked into the office to get some information about how to become a client and was greeted by Dr. Cohen and we spoke for a moment and next thing I knew I was part of the family. He explained what issues I had and how he would be able to provide care for me and off we went to have my very first appointment and therapy. From the first treatment I have felt a tremendous difference. I have BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and I have noticed the vertigo episodes have decreased since I have been going and it has only been 3 months not to mention that I no longer have to “crank myself” out of bed in the mornings and questioned why I didn’t start sooner. The difference for me has been like night and day. You walk in and you are welcomed like in like a visit to family and friends only in an office setting! They take time to get to know you as you are getting your alignment and therapy, you get to catch up not only with them but with other clients (Family) while you are there. If you have never been to a chiropractor, what are you waiting for? Do what I did, I would highly recommend visiting the Cohen family-you will not be sorry!

Christina S.

I want to tell my story about Dr. Cohen and how much I appreciate him and his staff. Three years ago, I had what I would describe as a permanent “crick” in my neck. It hurt all the time, and it was very painful. I thought surgery would be the cure, but after meeting with my surgeon, he suggested I see Dr. Cohen first. The “Doc” started me on decompression therapy along with deep muscle stimulation, three times a week. After a couple of weeks, I could tell a big difference. After a few months, I was cured. No pain at all. I now go twice a week, and plan to continue my visits. “Doc” truly cares about his paitients, and is dedicated to helping you. Also, you do not need an appointment. In three years, I’ve never had to wait. As you can tell, I highly recommend Dr. Cohen. Thanks “Doc”

Bill H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohen’s for going on 12 years. The spinal decompression treatments are wonderful for my back. The staff and everybody in the office are very friendly and make you feel so welcome. Thank you for all you do.

Renata B.

I have been a patent of the Cohen Chiropractic Clinic for around 3 decades and have always been very happy with the services I have received.  The office staff have consistently performed with the highest level of competence and concern.  I have always found Dr Cohen’s approach to Chiropractic care to be on target and effective.  Whenever I am asked what my Chiropractor does for me, I nearly always reply “He keeps me straight”.  I am in my mid 60s and am sure that without the regular adjustment that I have received over the years that I would not be in the physical condition I am in. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with Dr Cohen for the long term.  

Richard P.

I have been a patient of Dr Cohen for over 20 years.  He has been a great Doctor, who has helped me get over many issues, without the need for surgery.  I have had issues with my back, shoulders, feet, and hips.  They are usually taken care of by semi-regular visits (2-3 visits month), without the use of pills/surgery/ fancy devices.  Periodically, I have had special problems (falls, too much yard work, over exertion, twisting wrong, etc) which have required more visits.  I have always been able to get relief quickly.  There have been adjustments, decompression, laser, and electrical stimulation.  These have all been done at the clinic, in a timely and efficient manner.

He and his staff have been friendly, caring, and professional in their approach.  His approach is to listen to the client and do whatever needs to be done on an individual basis.  I have never felt better about my specific issues, or like just a number.

I would highly endorse any and all services provided by Dr Cohen or his staff.  One thing to remember is that they all like candy (especially Baby Ruth’s).

Chip L.

I had been in pain for several weeks. Walking had become very difficult and I couldn’t bend my left leg. I called Dr. Cohen to see if there was something he could do to help me. I was diagnosed as having a collapsed disc in my lower back. Following his recommendations of what I needed to do to fix this problem, we got started. Here I am 6 weeks later pain free and full range of motion back in my left leg. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone having neck or spine issues.

Mike D.

I am an active 69 year old male now retired, who was suffering extreme pain and loss of mobility from a deteriorated lower disc. After suffering through an excruciating RFA (radio frequency ablation) providing no relief, massage therapy, and months of physical therapy with very minimal positive impact, a cardiac nurse and a surgeon suggested I see Cohen chiropractic. Vowing to exhaust all non surgical options before disc fusion, I began treatment by Dr. Cohen.

Yes….it was a personal financial investment not covered by insurance. He told me he and his team would utilize disc decompression therapy and get me “back to square one” in several months. Miraculously, his treatment began yielding amazing results. While full recovery is in progress, I can now ride my motorcycles again, boat and just enjoy life almost pain free.

If you are suffering with debilitating back or neck pain, I know what it’s like to throw good money after bad chasing relief but investing in Cohen chiropractic (as many have for decades) was the smartest money I’ve ever spent. Don’t continue to suffer a moment longer……life is worth living.

Dean S.